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Trucking Accidents

Trucking accidents take a heavy toll on lives and property.  Trucks are large, formidable, and carry loads that can cause handling problems.  Drivers are often tired, stressed, or distracted.  It is not hard to understand why large truck accidents kill over 4,000 people each year, and injure in excess of 110,000.

Truck accidents are absolutely not run-of-the-mill motor vehicle accidents.  They involve knowledge of the federal safety laws, as well as the state laws, and the "tricks of the trade" that many companies and drivers use to evade safety laws.  Knowing where to look for duplicate log books, for overweight loads, or for satellite and trucking speed and location downloads can be critical.  Knowing when to get to the scene before critical changes occur, knowing the licensing requirements, and how to spot a fly-by-night or underinsured company can be extremely important in making a strong case.

We handle truck-on-truck accidents as well, and our office employs state of the art reconstruction technologies when necessary.  Many law firms will approach you if you have suffered injuries or the loss of a loved one in a truck accident, but many of them are advertisers who seek only the "easy" cases, or who farm out cases to

other firms to collect a referral fee without personally working your case.  The Law Offices of David Damick does the work, especially the difficult cases, and when we work with other law firms as local counsel, we do not waver in our work or responsibility to you and your family.  Consider our experience, knowledge, and dedication.  Talk to our people.  Then trust that you will know what we know, and we will not rest until the best result that can be reached is achieved.

We are here to help. 

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