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Kimberly D. Hagan, Litigation/Personal Injury Paralegal/Office Manager

Kim is a Paralegal/Legal Assistant handling and managing a portion of our litigation cases and particularly cases with serious personal injury or that affect our clients' entire lives. In the eleven years she has been with the firm, she has prepared and assisted with major trials, including multiple difficult and challenging cases that have resulted in multi-million dollar verdicts, and cases that other firms had given up on. In that time, she has demonstrated the ability to hear the needs of our clients, and to sense those problems that sometimes are unspoken.  She has been exceptional at helping our clients through all manner of issues. Kim is skilled at preparing and assisting in trial, drafting pleadings and discovery, obtaining and analyzing medical records for, and working with, the many medical experts we use throughout the country. She has assisted in appeals to several state Supreme Courts and transfers to the U.S. Supreme Court, and is accessible and able to help with day-to-day concerns. Kim has the duty of managing the general office, which includes ensuring the office is running smoothly, coordinating and monitoring activities, addressing errors and complaints, and making sure the attorney knows where he is supposed to be and pays the bills on time.

· Associates in Applied Science for Criminal Justice: Law Enforcement (2010);
· Associates in Legal Studies for the Paralegal (2017)

Shannon M. Goforth, Paralegal, Media Marketing Coordinator

With a depth of experience in litigation, personal injury, FTCA, FELA, and medical negligence, Shannon is a well-rounded and formidable Paralegal/Legal Assistant.  She has a particular talent for comprehending a large variety of legal issues and concerns, as well as understanding the complexities of the judicial system and the strain a lengthy trial can have on many aspects of a client's life.  Shannon has over 7 years of experience with this firm, and has over 20 years of hands-on experience in the legal field, including a 10 year period managing the legal offices of a significant government department.  In that regard, Shannon is eminently knowledgeable in civil and criminal law, government process, discovery, and the court processes, and insists on the highest ethical standards. Her years of prior administrative, as well as managerial experience, are an asset to the firm. She currently manages and coordinates cases involving injury to veterans at VA Medical Centers, railroad related injuries, serious injuries caused by medical neglect, and significant truck or vehicle accidents.  She is known for her compassion, and treats every client with respect and understanding.


· Paralegal Studies Program at Southwestern Illinois College.

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The Staff of the Law Offices of

David N. Damick

pleased to be an attorney that other attorneys turn to for advice and
assistance with their difficult cases. David is dedicated to the representation of those who have been harmed, personally or financially, and he has committed on a national level to refuse to represent
insurers or those who seek to avoid responsibility or fair play in the courts.

After a 17 year service as a journeyman industrial electrician with the IBEW Local 1, David served as an attorney for one of the most successful plaintiff-dedicated law firms in the Midwest. At the request of a prominent judge and attorney, he went to work as a trial specialist for a general practice law firm. In 1996, he founded the Law Offices of David N. Damick, based upon cases referred by other lawyers who realized the difficulty of taking serious or complex injury cases to trial. Since that time, David has been the lead trial attorney in cases involving birth injuries, he has fought for our Veterans through the Federal Tort Claims Act (FTCA), and has been relentless in pursuing cases involving medical negligence and medical malpractice, as well as nursing home abuse, wrongful death, injuries due to defective products or machines, truck and car accidents, and in general cases that require critical analysis and thoughtful attention to the firm’s clients.  David has extensive knowledge in railroad cases, Federal Employer's Liability Ace (FELA) cases, and holds physicians, insurance companies, and businesses to the highest legal and ethical standards.  With over 20 years of experience, David is regularly sought after to serve as an arbitrator to assist in the resolution of disputes outside of the courtroom.  David's mission is to help parties obtain resolutions to their disputes and to avoid litigation through arbitration, in many cases, saving both time and money. David is also frequently called upon to assist other attorneys with appeals in Missouri, Illinois and in several Federal Courts, and has argued multiple times in state Supreme Courts. David believes that settlement is a good goal, but also believes that the only way to achieve fair settlements is to prepare every case to win at trial. He has handled cases in Missouri, Illinois, Tennessee, New Hampshire, Indiana, Nebraska, Arkansas, Kansas, North Carolina, and federal courts, is admitted to the United States Supreme Court, Federal Court of Claims in Washington D.C., and the Vaccine Injury Court, and has consulted nationally.

David also recognizes that his practice is only as good as the caring people who work in the firm, and he has been privileged to have the support of the best people around.

David N. Damick

Principal Attorney

Licensed in Missouri, Illinois, and practicing pro hac across the United States, David is the principal attorney and owner of the Law Offices of David N. Damick.

Having a 28 year record of successful trial work and settlements, David is 

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