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Personal Injury



People are injured by all kinds of negligent or careless behavior.  At its core, a personal injury claim says that someone wrongfully took something from you, and they should balance the scales.  The loss may be to your health, or physical well-being, or damage to your property, business, or your ability to work.

What most of us do not realize is that the courts intentionally put up barriers for people who are harmed.  That is, despite the fact that someone took away your health or ability to earn, you are the one that "bears the burden" of proof to get help from the courts.  This means you should have the 

advice of experienced and caring legal counsel as soon as you can.

You can be injured by unsafe conditions at your local grocery store.  You may be injured by a car driven carelessly or recklessly.  Injury and damages can result from police chases, out of the blue, or due to trucks being driven by tired or out of control drivers.  Even those we tend to trust the most - doctors and hospitals - can cause serious personal harm that can be life changing.  Injuries can occur anywhere and anytime.  

Our people have many decades of combined experience in almost all aspect of injury lawsuits.  If you have a question about your situation, or the condition of a loved one, please call us at your convenience.  You will not be given a sales talk or "pitch."

Recent Case Results
verdict after trial in federal court for medical negligence.

If you decide we are not the right firm to help carry your case forward, we will be glad to offer what we can to ease you on your way.

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