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Medical Malpractice



We put more than our trust in hospitals, nurses, and doctors - we put the lives of our loved ones and ourselves.  Today, hospitals are sometimes run as factories, and doctors can be overworked, distracted, or like a broken tool within a factory, downright negligent.  Even good drivers occasionally roll through a stop sign, and even good doctors may ignore the warning signs of danger at times.  And not all doctors, or drivers, are good.  When the result of negligence is minor, or if there is no injury at all because a better doctor caught the mistake, the law and good sense say let it be.  However, when the result is serious harm, or the loss of a loved one, the medical provider needs to be held accountable for their neglect.  

Medical Negligence cases are the most difficult and expensive of all.  Medical providers have many laws protecting them, even when they wrongfully causes damage.

When the result is serious harm, or the loss of a loved one, the medical provider needs to be held accountable.

For that reason, it takes experienced and careful trial lawyers to take these on - attorneys who can afford to advance the heavy costs, and who have a successful track record.  We do.

Our team is exactly that, with a successful settlement and trial record in multiple states, especially throughout Illinois and Missouri, and particularly against VA Medical facilities and other government hospitals.  We utilize experts throughout the country, and have the staff to recognize what makes a successful case, and to understand and help you and your family in your time of need.

Examples of Medical Negligence cases:

Birth injuries; 

Surgical errors;

Anesthesia errors;

Bed sores/decubitus ulcers;

Sepsis - and failure to treat infection;

Brain injuries due to medication or monitoring neglect;

Newborn and childhood injuries from pregnancy or labor;

Emergency room errors;

Delay of treatment;

Failure to diagnose;

Medication errors;


Emergency room delay;

Prescription errors;

Pharmacy errors;

Obstetrical/gynecological malpractice;

Nursing and hospital neglect;

Many others - if you have questions about whether or not you have a case, please call us today for a free consultation. 


We are here to help.

Recent Case Results
verdict after trial in federal court for medical negligence.

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