Vaccine Injuries

Vaccines have saved millions of lives, but sometime there are serious reactions and injuries that occur after receiving them.  These injuries can take many forms: they can stimulate a terrible condition called Steven Johnson Syndrome; they can result in encephalopathy or brain damage; there may be allergic reactions; you might have a shoulder injury if the injection was given too close to the joint or otherwise incorrectly.  There are a multitude of ways vaccines can adversely effect you.  

The government has set up a special fund to compensate - at least partially - people who suffer adverse effects after receiving a vaccination.  The Vaccine Injury Compensation Fund is run out of Washington D.C., as part of the Federal Court of Claims.  An attorney must be admitted to the Federal Court of Claims and qualified to the vaccine court to assist you with such claims.  In our office, David has been qualified in that Court and has successfully handled claims there for many years.

The details of how this fund works, and whether it is right for you and your injury, are sometimes complicated, but we would be very glad to discuss and help decide if this is where you need to be to get compensation for your injury.

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