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Product Liability

Defective and Dangerous Products

Products need to be safe for normal use.  You do not expect a vacuum cleaner to catch fire; you do not expect a bottle to bust into shrapnel fragments; you do not expect an electrical panel to explode while you are working on it.  However, such things happen.  There are great dangers hiding in the form of defective products.

Seat backs in many cars break during medium level collisions, causing brain damage to a passenger or serious injury or death to a child in the back seat.  Exhaust fumes from some poorly designed cars leak into the passenger area, and exhaust fumes from heaters or generators can kill people in homes or businesses.  From the simple to the highly complex, defective products can cause crippling injuries and death.

And medical products and implants can fail with catastrophic effect.

Our Office is uniquely positioned to hold those responsible for bad products liable for the harm they cause.  David Damick is a 40-year member of the IBEW and served for almost two decades, trouble shooting complex electrical systems in industrial and commercial environments.  We consult with engineering and design experts from around the world.  Our record of success


• Two verdicts against a manufacturer of automotive modification products used by handicapped drivers that left some behind the 

wheel of out of control vans, speeding through traffic without brakes.  The first trial caused the company to make the safety changes we recommended.  For the second trial, we cut a van in half and brought it into the courtroom to demonstrate how the product had failed, resulting in a punitive damages award against the company, for failing to recall the bad products.

• A multi-million dollar settlement for a swimmer whose neck was broken when a pool ladder failed and caused him to fall into the pool wall.  Our team reconstructed the pool and ladder to show how it had failed.  

• Settlements involving workplace injuries due to exposed wires and ungrounded equipment.

We have the patience, resources, and desire to assist you and attorneys who seek our help in assisting their clients.

We are here to help.

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