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Appellate Practice

Appellate Practice

Our practice includes extensive - and successful - appellate brief writing and argument.  David has achieved landmark decisions in state court appeals and Supreme Courts, and has briefed and argued in federal courts of appeals, and further, he led on certiorari to the U.S. Supreme Court.  In cases referred to us for appellate work:

• We briefed and argued the Supreme Court case that first re-established the state Court's control over its own jurisdiction, Harris v Westin Management Co. East, 230 S.W.3d 1(Mo en bank 2007).

• We successfully briefed and argued Berra v Danter, which established favorable rules for collateral source evidence on medical bills, until later cases and statutes changed the rules again.

Appeals require precise and detailed work.  We provide that, backed by focused research.  You must work with us to provide the details of the underlying case.  Beyond that, we can provide any level of work from simple consultation or advice to managing the entire appeal process.

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