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Electrical Injuries

Electrical injuries are a fairly specialized area, because many doctors do not understand the range of damages that electricity can cause in a body.  Of course, if severe electrical shock causes burns or heart stoppage, the damage is clear and most medical providers can provide the help and testimony that is needed.

But what about when there is a severe electrical shock and effects are not so obvious?  High voltage current running through a body can affect memory, nerve function, heart function, and the workings of other systems.  That takes a physician, or team of doctors in some cases, that know about such injuries.

Electrical injuries can come from defective products, or quite often from workplace situations where someone else leaves an electrically hot wire exposed.  We are experienced and ready to help you with such serious injuries.  David Damick, the principal of the firm, is a 40-year member of the IBEW, and worked for many years as an electrician and electrician foreman on industrial and control systems.  He is a survivor of high voltage shocks, and has seen first hand what burns and damage electrical current can do to

a fellow worker, children, and others who come into contact with negligently exposed wires.  We know the work, we know the injury, and we have been called in by other highly skilled attorneys to analyze electrical injury cases.  We would be thrilled to do so for you.

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