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Birth Injuries

Birth and Newborn Injuries

An injury or infection at birth can last lifetime.  These harms change the life of the child, but also alter the life of the family, often in ways they cannot afford.  Injuries can be caused by improper force during labor, improper medication, poor monitoring, failure to treat infections, or even failure of medical equipment.  Our office has the knowledge and ability to investigate.

We put more than our trust in hospitals, nurses, and doctors - we put the lives of our loved ones and ourselves.  Today, hospitals are sometimes run as factories, and doctors can be distracted or downright negligent.  Even good drivers occasionally run a stop sign, just as good doctors occasionally overlook or ignore the warning signs of danger at times.  And not all doctors, or drivers, are good.  When the result of negligence is minor, or if there is no injury at all because a better doctor caught the problem, the law and good sense tell us to let it be.  However, when the result is serious harm, or the loss of a loved one, the medical provider needs to be held accountable for their neglect.

Medical Negligence cases involving birth and newborn injuries are the most difficult and expensive of all.  Medical providers have many laws protecting them, even when they wrongfully cause 

damage.  For that reason, it takes experienced and careful trial lawyers to take these on - attorneys who can afford to advance the heavy costs, and who have a successful track record.  We do.

Our team is efficient, experienced, caring, and professional.  We have a successful settlement and trial record in multiple states, particularly throughout Illinois and Missouri.  We handle:

       ° Childhood brain injuries due to Meningitis, oxygen

         deprivation, or physical injuries.

       ° Childhood abuse.

       ° Brachial Plexus and other injury after shoulder dystocia.

And we are here to consult and discuss your concerns, free of charge.  Even if you are not sure of the cause of injury.

If you or a loved one have experienced an injury, call us

today for a free consultation. 

(314) 231-0570 

We are here to help.

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