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Legal Negligence

Legal and Professional Negligence

This area of the law is simple to understand.  We hold medical providers responsible for the harms caused by violating their own standards of care; there is no reason that lawyers should not be held responsible for injury caused by violating the attorney standards of care.

Lawyers, accountants, and other professionals who take on a duty to care for your case or business must do so responsibly. 

There is no guarantee that a lawyer can bring success, or even the result you want.  However, when negligence causes you to lose your case or your business, it is justified to seek compensation.  

We have represented a trust against a law firm that allowed a relative to take hundreds of thousands of dollars from a deceased elderly couple's family, and after trial obtained a verdict with punitive damages with facts including that the law firm tried to get the relative to invest in the firm's projects.  We also achieved a settlement for a client whose prior attorney told them they had no case and shouldn't bother talking with other attorneys, allowing the statute of limitations to expire on what was likely a million dollar claim.

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